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I like how dramatically intense the fighting scene is. I also like how right before the climax, the workers realize that they wasted too much time and go back to their restaurants. 5/5

I just don't know what to say. 5/5

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I really like pixel games but I feel like this one doesn't have very many colors. If you could maybe add some colors, that would be great but if this was suppose to be one of those retro games without color, then that is fine with me.

The things that mark where you have died shouldn't disappear and reappear really fast. I feel like that could cause seizures to some people and it just doesn't look nice.

Other than that, I thing this is a great game with a good soundtrack. Keep up the good work!

Pretty fun game but would you please add some music so that it gives the game more feeling. Anyways, 4/5

Very cool game with a great story. I really liked it! The only thing I didn't like though is that the text system didn't really fit with the game, but other than that I rate it a solid 9/10

Raius responds:

Thanks for playing! That last point you made about the text system sounds interesting. Would you mind explaining what about it you didn't like or what you think could've fit the game better? It could be some pretty useful feedback.

Thanks again!

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Thycket responds:


The last part is my favorite because it made me temporarily deaf. Thank you good sir.

Thycket responds:

you're welcome yes

This song is so hard to review because of how weird it is. I do like it a lot since it actually is a song unlike other glitchy and energetic songs that just sound like thousands of sounds put together without any rhythm. I also don't think it's the best song ever, of course, but it is definetely a lot more creative than a lot of other songs which is why I give this 4.5 stars. Ok bye and have a nice day.


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